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Default Re: Valve decide what fps is OK

Originally Posted by DutchMeteor
Did u ever look @ the bink-movies? Ton's of shaders going on..
Reflections in the floors etc .etc. All those things didn't even exists in Q1
Subtle things all over the place... Q1 coz of an include in a leaked beta *sigh*
No, the include was just an obvious example for me to use. There is a lot of Id's old stuff in there. Worldcraft dirs are even in the source.

Taken from another forum:

#ifndef GLQUAKE_H
#define GLQUAKE_H
#pragma once

#pragma warning(disable : 4244) // MIPS
#pragma warning(disable : 4136) // X86
#pragma warning(disable : 4051) // ALPHA

#include "basetypes.h"
#include "quakedef.h"
#include "render.h"
#include "client.h"
#include "materialsystem/imaterialvar.h"
#include "bspfile.h"

Also from glquake.h:

extern ConVar r_norefresh;
extern ConVar r_speeds;
extern ConVar r_speedsquiet;
extern ConVar r_lightmapcolorscale;
extern ConVar r_decals;
extern ConVar mp_decals;
extern ConVar r_lightmap;
extern ConVar r_lightstyle;
extern ConVar r_dynamic;

Anything look familiar?

The point is you guys are pimping the HL2 engine like its some revolutionary new engine. Its not. Its just an incremental improvement of their original HL, which was based on the Quake 1 engine. Doom 3 is no doubt incremental also, but its a more substantial change since its doing lighting in real time rather than using pre-generated lightmaps which is what HL2 is still doing.

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