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Default Re: Nforce audio driver, weird errors

What kernel version have you installed? Have you installed OSS as a module of compiled it into the kernel? And do you have to run with the kernel option acpi=off & noapic?

I'm even worse off - I can install the module, load it iff using the above kernel parameters and even get my JVC reciever to light up like a Christmas tree with Dolby Digital signal lights but I get no sound whatsoever. Neither through my JVC (which is hooked up to the SPIDF) or through my Altec Lansing 2.1 setup that is hooked up the the analogue output. It's very annoying, and I'm having to use ALSA and the snd-intel8x0 driver which doesn't to HW mixing or Passthrough which buggers my AC3-audio encoded DivX films, giving my only a Linear PCM signal on the JVC Home Theater. Using DMix, which since I have an Athlon 2600+ XP and 1 GB of DDR PC2700 isn't too bad, but still...
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