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Default Re: Nforce audio driver, weird errors

Their mixer util has always given me problems with linux. Just moving the mouse over one of the controls generates an error message. The programmers made a pretty common error--they are looking at a mouse move event on a control that does not need to be checked for a mouse move event. for instance, unless you move the mouse with the mouse button down over a slider bar there's no need to generate a mouse move event. If the button is depressed then you are looking at a change event or a mouse down event but not a mouse move. Hence, checking for a mouse move event over a slider bar and generating an error message is a sign of a pretty fundamental mistake.

They need to redo that utility and take out the extraneous triggers. I don't appreciate 5-10 error message back to back on that utility just because I moved the mouse over a slider bar without even depressing the mouse button...I think you can see what I mean.

Besides that, the mixer never worked on my nforce2 based boards. Another indication that more than obvious errors are being made in their programming.
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