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Originally posted by pelly
Unfortunately, I have been foolish enough to waste a great deal of my time trying to "reach" that guy...I think forcing a supermodel to eat a pound of Spam would be an easier task...

Regardless, I'll bring you guys the time of your life...We can and will get this done...and once we do, it'll be an absolute blast!

I'll keep you posted once things get back on track...thanks for understanding guys!

See? He avoided my points yet again. Nothing about his obligation to update his news post. Nothing about the official policy about flaming. All he did was throw more abuse my way.

These are very simple and easy to answer questions pelly - are you going to ever update your erroneous news post or not? And what is the official nvnews policy on flaming in the forums?

Are you going to answer these? Is anyone at NvNews going to answer these?

Or do you guys just duck and run when the going gets hot?
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