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Default Re: X Windows hard locks (requires hard restart) with nvidia drivers

I have the same problem with the 1.0-4363 driver under RedHat Advanced Server 3, update 2 (ia32 linux).
I was able to ssh to the machine, but kill -9 X did not kill the X process.
'top' showed the process was in STAT 'RW' mode, using 99%cpu. The manpages for top say the STAT mode is not accurate for kernel processes, and I don't know how to diagnose this further.
(I'm running an nVidia Quadro 980XGL card on a supermicro x5dae motherboard with two xeon processors.)

Shame on you, Nvidia! this problem has been around for years. I've posted on it before, as have many others. Due to this bug, Nvidia boards deserve a
for environment where regular system crashes causing data loss and loss work are not accepable.
Advice: DO NOT BUY A NVIDIA CARD TO RUN ON LINUX until Nvidia demonstrates a stable board+driver product for Linux. IMHO, until the time when there has been a 6-month window of posts on this forum inidcating that the x-freeze/lockup problem has been fixed, buying an NVidia board will probably cause you data loss and headaches on a regular basis.
-- Bobby O
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