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Default Re: HELP! Slackware 10 problems with a pair of nvidia cards

Originally Posted by coldflameuk
OK - update - I tried the XF86Config file I posted above (and yes, I removed the load dri line and renamed it to xorg.conf ) and tried it with the 6111 driver...

no joy. still exactly the same symptoms as before. the second card initialises (that is, you see the graphics card bios come up on the screen with the name of the card, etc) and then both screens go to black and the system becomes unresponsive to the keyboard. the only way to recover is again to remotely ssh in and reboot.

I am going to try a 2.6 kernel, and see how I go with that...
That's sorta what I expected, means your xorg.conf is probably fine, or at any rate isn't the key, which you probably figured out already. But first rule of tech support is rule out the stupid stuff first.

Sounds like it's not a kernel I/O issue; my experience tends to be that they crop up without killing X outright (just making your system pretty AND locally useless).

curiosity (b/c now I'm itching to nab a second monitor and try it): the second card is only outputting X, and not normal command line, so it's only initialized through xorg.conf?

related smack of head: so the kernel doesn't touch the PCI video card? (maybe I have my head on sideways, anyone??) Have you tried it without the second card and does it make a difference?

It's nice that 10.0 speaks 2.6 fluently. I've had no problems, except for those caused by me cutting myself on the bleeding edge (sharper than rcX/preX, which tend to be nonlethal). And it's nice to have a capable replacement for devfs in udev/sysfs/hotplug. Another thought is to try your last functional kernel version (from 9.1; the default or whatever you had working, with old config. Cut down variables one at a time...
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