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Default Re: An interesting aticle about doom3/hl2

Great article.. I know I bought my card to run anything coming out in the next 1-2yrs, be it based on the Doom3 or Source engines. Makes me mad about the whole marketing scheme that Valve/ATI cooked up to make them loads of cash. Knowing full well that among the enthusiasts, a huge percentage would buy the next-gen hardware regardless if they bought a 9600/9800XT to play HL2 in all its glory.. I'm not saying that nvidia didn't cash in with the Doom3 benchmarks, but Valve definitely mislead the public to go out and plop down $400+ on a new ATI card in anticipation of HL2s imminent release.. And here we are nearly a year later & we still don't know for definite when the damn game is coming out. The whole situation makes me sick..

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