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Originally Posted by ynnek
ugh, i hate motion blur.. its always way overdone to the point its ilke your tripping.
Well, a real blur effect would be awesome. Other games just do a trail effect to simulate a motion blur effect and look like crap. So there hasn't been a game that could do a true motion blur like seen in those added effects for the video. If they could do it, 24fps would look as smooth a video. Though, doing a quick twitch turn in something like quake 3 would be a big blur, compared to rendering enough frames fast enough to make it appear smooth.

A good example of a blur is in the Rthdrbl or whatever demo. The spinning spheres have a nice realtime blur, but the more fps you have the less noticable it is because the position of each object in the next frame has a shorter distance between each other for the blur to be spread across.

Faster movement widens that gap and the blur fills it in. That's why without motion blurs, games look choppy at low fps compared to motion film that's silky smooth at 24fps.
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