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Default Re: EQ II Character Creation Disk

Originally Posted by MrSavoy
Its not buggy enough to warrant not playing it.
Not early on but as you get to higher levels in the game you start to notice how certain branches of professions are pointless because of gameplay balances that were never addressed, items that don't work or have no useful purpose, functions that are buggy or useless. Try being a droid engineer.

Then theres the occasional server crashes and the backup restores that cause everyone to loose up to 24 hours of progress. The resource rotations that broke every time the server was patched so it was impossible to make certain weapons because the resources didn't exist.

The worst is the attitude of the support staff. There was a nasty bug (which I believe they now fixed) in that someones house and its entire contents could vanish. It took months for SOE to even agree there was a problem and to look at it. Months of pissed off players and months of SOE claiming they were all just idiots who accidentally deleted their own houses. I also remember a time when Lowca was no accepting any new connections all day. The chat was filled with hundreds (really) of people saying "I can't connect to Lowca" and the rep said "you need to call your ISP", people said "I can connect to every other SWG server fine, just not Lowca" and the rep said "its your cable modem, you need to call your ISP". Then he left, another rep appeared and said the same thing for an hour "I can connect to Lowca (from within the SOE network) so you guys all need to call your ISPs and tell them your cable modems need to be replaced" WTF?. Then he left and yet ANOTHER rep was giving us the same damn run around for another hour. After three hours we finally got a rep who was willing to escalate the issue and it did turn out to be a server problem that was fixed with a simple reboot.

When asked why we have to pay 15 bucks to play a game that we already paid 50 bucks for at the store, the response SOE gives is "it pays for the high quality of technical support and for the upkeep of the servers". IMO, SWG players don't get their money worth.

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