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Default Re: Random Engine Questions

My opinion about GeoMod Technology: Why hell yea, it was great in red faction! I still have that game installed on my computer right now. The geomod in both single player and multiplayer was real fun to play with, and in the single player, sometimes it was even essential to use to get through certain parts. I like how they tied it in. (IMO Red faction 2 was still a good game, but wasnt as fun as red faction 1 since the geomod wasnt used quite nearly enough at all.)
However, i dont think geomod would be good in all games. in some, it just wouldn't fit right with the gameplay. i.e: alot of games involve you looking for a key to a door or doing a puzzle to get past. on red faction, you just blow the wall up. i DO wish they would implement it in a "modern" game though.

Mr. Hunt: I agree. I love games with secondary fire Example: Unreal Tournament/2004. it made me sad in doom 3 when i right clicked and the guy jumped. if theres no secondary fire, at least make right click usefull, like on call of duty... it brings up the iron sights, which are really cool. on doom3 i bound right click to reload

bumpmapping: yea it has been around a while, and some games subtlely use it, but doom 3 has really opened everyones eyes on how much of a difference it can make on textures with little impact on even very old cards (Like my Geforce3) it should be implemented on most games, but it shouldnt be substituted for good textures (cough doom 3 ) hehe

large scale maps: well sometimes it is fun to have a huge map to explore, but it can be disasterous sometimes. for example on call of duty: there is a really big open map, and if the mode is set on deathmatch, then its almost impossible to find anyone unless there are more than 25 people. even then, it just turns into a sniper map. if you like sniping, then have at it, but i prefer the smaller maps, with some kind of objective (Like headquarters mode, its cool). another example is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or even RTCW, Enemy TErritory has some pretty good sized maps, and the competition matches are 6vs6. so only 12 people are in this big map. however, there are objectives to keep everyone on task, not just wandering around trying to find each other.

realistic damage: LMAO If anyone has played Postal 2 you know what i'm talking about. when you shoot someone when they are on a hill, the blood runs down the hill! oh man, that is such a funny game. I think i'll go play it for a good laugh.

ok im done talking now. go back to what you were doing.
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