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Default Yet another dead X

Hi all,
I am having the "nvidia drivers cause X to hang" issue.

My hardware is an HP zd7260us laptop, which uses a go5700 card.

Software is:
gentoo distro
nvidia-kernel && glx 6111 (opengl-update'd also) and yes, I have removed/re-emerged for each different attempt.
I have tried lots of kernels and options:
stock from 2.6.7 w/ no SMP, no USB, no ACPI, no ieee1394, no 4k, etc. all the way to (currently) 2.6.8-r1 w/ all the stuff turned on.

Symptoms are always the same:
Using 'Driver "nvidia"' causes the machine to max CPU on the X process (and ksoftirqd if SMP is enabled)
I get no video at all.
I can ssh in to the machine and kill -9 X, but still have no video. It takes a reboot to get a display back.
It works fine with the "nv" driver, just slow (oh, and there is no xv extension, but that's a different known issue w/ xorg)
I have tried all NvAGP options w/ all the different kernels, and nothing changed.
I have tried all resolutions (640x480 -> 1680x1050) also with no success.

I'll attach my xorg.conf, and if anyone is interested, my .config and/or my nvidia-bug-report.

Any help would be appreciated.

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