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Default Re: Yet another dead X

You aren't the only one with this problem. I've posted here, on the gentoo lists, and sent a bug report to nvidia. Nada.

Others who have had the same card chipset as us(5700) have tried other cards with the SAME EXACT SETTINGS and they work. It appears that it may be a problem specific to our cards.

I'm currently waiting on a coworker to get his cards (a 5700 ultra) to see if it works for him (same box, same os (gentoo)) then swap cards. Another coworker has the same exact box and a 5700 ultra and it's working for him under the latest Suse (amd64).

Alternatively, if you allow the card to revert to 'pci mode', you'll get decent 3d performance but slow 2d screen refreshes. But at least it's somewhat usable (although not what we paid for).

It's disappointing to me that nvidia isn't responding to this issue or at least pointing out the error somewhere else that's causing the problem.

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