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Default Re: Yet another dead X

Originally Posted by drumz
You aren't the only one with this problem. I've posted here, on the gentoo lists, and sent a bug report to nvidia. Nada.
Yep, I've found your posts which at least let me know I wasn't doing something completely wrong.

Originally Posted by drumz
Alternatively, if you allow the card to revert to 'pci mode', you'll get decent 3d performance but slow 2d screen refreshes. But at least it's somewhat usable (although not what we paid for).

It's disappointing to me that nvidia isn't responding to this issue or at least pointing out the error somewhere else that's causing the problem.

How do I configure it to go into pci mode? I thought that was one of the NvAGP settings, and I have tried 0-3 there with no luck. Of course, slow 2D at max res would not be very nice. As it is, with the nv driver it isn't *bad*, but I picked an nvidia powered laptop so it would be fast.

Oh well.

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