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Erm, whoops posted wrong link(t'was late )

There link

But they both suck and yeah they both basicaly tryin to tell that SC wont run "Like it was meant to" on other then Geforce3DFX.

“The strengths of the GeForce FX GPU will allow gamers to experience Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell exactly the way the designers intended,” said Jay Cohen, vice president of publishing at Ubi Soft Entertainment. “Gamers will be able to participate in the stealth action by crouching in dynamic, soft shadows and they can use glow effects and thermal vision to carry out their missions undetected.
Ofcourse this is all bull casue screenshiats were taken long before(I think launch of Geforce3?) with thermal vision in it's full glory, but this bs lie marketing just sucks imo.
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