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Default Re: Random Engine Questions

You'll have to excuse me for not being very concerned about bandwidth consumption - I run a 2mbit cable modem. I can hardly ever connect to someone running as fast as I am, because even the T1s usually cap their servers' bandwidth.

Secondary fire I can do without as long as there are lots of guns. I loved Rooster Mod for Rogue Spear - I think all FPS games should have hundreds of guns, and the physics to make a difference. But that's just me.

COOP is my favourite form of gameplay. It allows players of all skill levels to get on reasonably in multiplayer, whereas competitive play always results in someone constantly getting owned.

I use right click to walk forward.

GeoModding would be the greatest in war-style games and stuff like tribes. Damn it, mortar shells should make craters! It's so retarded when a mortar lands and makes a black spot, I want to punch somebody for that retarded invention.
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