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Default Chilled water cooling on FX 5800

My bog stock FX 5800 would do 500/1050 on air and reached temps of 45-60C with the side of the case off. The original heatsink was expoxy'd onto the integrated heat spreader above the chip. The RAM also got very hot, much more so to the touch than the gpu heatsink IMO, probably because of lesser air flow.

Anyhow I put my chilled glycol / methanol water chiller on yesterday. This uses an old Dangerden Maze gpu cooler with a copper block stuck on it. The inlet temp was <-25C and the outlet temp about -20C.

Using the driver diplay temp measurement the temp was recorded at 0C which I guess means it does not go below 0C. After a 3dmark run it peaked at 3C before quickly dropping back down to 0C again. Nothing major on the overclock .. 13Mhz up at 513, needs more volts I guess.

Anyhow nice temps for a rather cheap water cooling system on what is fiarly well known for being a fairly hot chip.


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