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Default Re: X Windows hard locks (requires hard restart) with nvidia drivers

There are two types of lock-ups with Nvidia driver:

1)One where X hangs, but mouse works and log-in is possible and sys-rq still works

2)One where nothing is possible anymore.

I managed to get rid of 1) which seems to be a thermal problem in my case. 2) happens though sometime. The system is *only* 100% stable if I use the os nv driver. Disabling AGP, APIC, CPU disconnect does not help. The machine locks up faster if I set it under constant load (compiling). The longest it survived was, without APIC and with CPU DIsconnect off (and perhaps even agp off, can't remember). Here it survivied 24h of load before I tried the next setting.

I haven't tried to disable use of glx though... It seems for me, with 61.11 driver using agpgart became stabler than using nvagp...

The system doesn't seem to lock-up in 3d though. But usually I don't play long enough to make that happen, I guess.
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