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Default NFORCE 0283 nvsound module : Error : illegal write

Is any dev. aware of this issue? I am running Gentoo Linux 2004.2 with the 2.6.8-r2 kernel. I have sound support (the soundcore.ko module otherwise) built into the kernel statically, as I found out that this resolves the error Arts otherwise generates when using the nvsound module. Incidently it also resolves the nvmixer application manager from crashing with a segfault, which happens if you build sound support as a module.

I can get the module loaded with this configuration (OSS Sound support IS configured as a module BTW, as is ALSA as I am currently using ALSA's intel8x0 module for sound, but it doesn't work either if I leave ALSA support out). My JVC reciever even lights up in Dolby Digital mode, an both analogue and digital outputs are enabled in nvmixer. I just can't play ANY sound whatsoever. And when I do a "cat /usr/kde/3.32/share/sound/pop.wav >> /dev/sound/dsp" I recieve the error "Error : illegal write". Arts can't play sound either, and I see no MIDI mixer in ARTS etiher, something I do see with the intel8x0 ALSA driver. Both /dev/sound/dsp and mixer are there with chmod 660 BTW. And I added alias sound-slot-0 nvsound to /etc/modules.d/aliases and did a source /etc/profile && env-update && modules-update. Still no sound over either the analogue desktop speakers or the digital hookup via the SPDIF to my reciever. Very frustrating.

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