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Default Re: 6111 GLX error

Thank you for raising the point about "NVIDIA-GLX". "GLX" is the only one of the three extensions listed previously in this thread that OpenGL applications should explicitly check for. Historically, "NVIDIA-GLX" and "NV-GLX" were both private NVIDIA extensions used for special communication between the X server and direct rendering GLX clients. It was silly to have two extensions for this, and sometime between the 4xxx and 5xxx drivers "NVIDIA-GLX" was removed from the NVIDIA driver; its functionality was folded into the "NV-GLX" private extension.

The reference to "NVIDIA-GLX" in the README is an error and will be corrected for our next release.

jsg4z: it is not clear that Vega Prime is failing because it explicitly checks for "NVIDIA-GLX" or because it cannot find a visual that it needs. Your best bet is to contact Vega Prime's tech support. If they feel the driver is doing something incorrect, they can contact us.

Dauntless: you are correct that this is a non-issue.

BonesNV: I do not believe your problems have anything to do with this thread. If glxinfo returns "Direct Rendering: No", then something is wrong with your installation. I expect that either a different libglx is getting loaded in the X server, or a different libGL is getting loaded by your OpenGL applications. Please see Appendix C in the README for trouble shooting tips for this.

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