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Default Re: problems with custom kernel

Hmm, can't think why that might make a difference, whilst I do have several different kernels installed (still ironing out alsa/2.6 problems, but thats not relevant to here), I'm trying to get it working with just one kernel.

The -K option.....

-K, --kernel-module-only
Install a kernel module only, and don't uninstall the exisiting
drive. This is intended to be used to install kernel modules
for additional kernels (in cases where you might boot between
several different kernels). To use this option you must
already have a driver installed, and the version of the
installed drive must match the version of this kernel module.

I'll give it a go, but I'm not holding out much hope.

Thanks for the suggestion though and I shall post with the results when I get home this evening.

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