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Default Re: Help me please ( in french )

Originally Posted by Kenny999
ok ..

I have a big problem with my graphic card ( G force4 Ti4200 )
When I play video games with low capacity ( Counter strike , Half life , ..) my graphic card plant not often it is same random but in the games with large capacity ( Ureal Tournament 2004 , ..) my graphics card plants as soon as I see the first image .
here what occurs when graphic card plant: the screen of my computer put in "veille" , I can nothing make there even i put on , put off.
The only means is to extinguish the computer manually and then to relight it I don't understand why that does that to me!
I have to however download the last updated of the drivers, and I have also to download the last version of DirectX.

can you help me to solve my problem ??
I await a response of your share

Thanks in advance
That's possibly the best post I've ever read. Awesome
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