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Still.....the front page is for news not personal views. Leave the personal opinions for the forums. This is exactly what I was refering to earlier in my "staff thread". I understand that Matt has to defend these kids but he calls these lame front page comments "personality". Well fine, call it that, but please dont call it professional. You see sites like AMDWorld, Anandtech, or Amdmb making stupid quotes like these? Cmon, you have to admit its gotten out of hand over the past year, even to the extent your site was attacked. Keep it in the forums but leave the front page to "news" or sidenotes only.

And as far as this:
"also the president role is to get the economy going and that hasn't happened."

Im sure if President Bush had a crystal ball to predict the 9/11 attack, there would of been a economic emergency plan. Dont blame him for the Enrons or Worldcoms that killed the American investors faith.

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