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Default Re: SMP Kernel and 6111 problems

You may want to check your installs again, guys. The Nvidia driver actually has been fine with SMP for a while now. I've had an SMP system running rock-solid with a Ti 4600 for years (actually on a dual P-III 1Ghz, dual AthlonMP 1600+ and now dual 2800+). It isn't as solid now with a 6800 Ultra, but that isn't an SMP issue. This has been with RedHat or Fedora kernels. Mandrake at least used to be a RedHat derivative distro, so you should be seeing similar results. All the Loki titles, plus a few others (Tux Racer commercial, Terminus, etc) have run without problem, except for the library issue with FAKK2 when talking to certain NPCs in the game. There were problems with some dual P-II and early dual P-III systems (with earlier Nvidia based cards then, too), but the SMP code in Linux itself was a little iffy back then, too.

Check your logs, there will probably be a clue to the problem there (or run the and post the file it creates). Your X config files may need a once-over as well, especially making sure that the DRI stuff (load "dri" as well as the section later that sets the group and mode for DRI stuff) and load "GLcore" are commented out or deleted. Also, with the newer kernels, unless the stack is set to 8k, you will need to use 61.06 or 61.11 drivers.

Maruwas, you need to check which libraries are being used. The readme file Nvidia supplies will give you the details (look for the part about 'ldd /usr/X11R6/bin/gears" (you will probably acutally want to check glxgears, but it is an example)). The installer will try to move the Mesa libs, but if they are not where expected they can cause problems.

Lastly, the "open source the drivers" topic has been covered Ad Nauseum. Nvidia is aware that many want it, and has explained many, many times why it isn't going to happen any time in the near future, if ever. Andy M. used to be more active here (my first account was lost in a crash, the second in an upgrade here, don't let the new account fool you), and got hammered constantly about that. So rather than helping, the constant harping on the drivers not being open source has diminished our contact with Nvidia. I would like to see them open sourced as well, but with the copyright and patent laws being the way they are, it isn't going to happen. Bug your elected officials to fix the laws, and support the EFF in their effort to do the same. Once that is done, we can bug Nvidia about the drivers and have a chance of it working...
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