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Lightbulb Re: New Ads

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Love the new ads Mike

Discrete and usefull
Thanks. One reason I switched to PriceGrabber was due to the integration of their store front with the look and feel of nV News.

I was also impressed with their robust filtering capabilities that appear on the left side of the product pages. For example:

Processors -


Hard Drives -

The filters are unique and are based on the product category.

On a related note, the banner that appears to the right of the Galaxy ad is coded with the the iframe command.

You can actually scroll inside the banner. Click and hold the mouse pointer on a non-linkable area inside the banner and move it to the left. It takes some practice to master

There is also a larger banner with images at the foooter of each page. I created banners for each type of product (graphics, cpu, memory, etc.) and coded them to display based on a random number from 1 through 10.
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