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Default Re: X Windows hard locks (requires hard restart) with nvidia drivers

But what are the chances of getting any help by sending a bug report? I sent one Jul24th, with a follow up of additional info Aug 1st. Haven't heard a word, not even a 'it's in the queue and it'll be looked at when we get down to yours (first in, first out)'.

I find it a little discouraging that many people are reporting the same black screen of death as I reported, nobody has a fix, and nobody (from nvidia) can give us additional instructions on narrowing it down to finally stamp this bug out. I for one want to support nvidia since you are making an effort in providing drivers, and I want to work with nvidia to help solve this problem - but so far it's been a one way street.

(And yes, I know, you're all probably swamped, etc. But that's still no reason for poor communications with customers that are trying to support you.)

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