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I bought it Saturday morning, installed it, and turned on 2x AA & 4x Aniso. Then maxed all in-game options and played at 1280x1024. I was surprised to find it playing smooth with those settings, but the only part that didnt was the opening parachute scene.

Anyway, started Saturday morning and it was so damn good I played all the way through and finished at about 5 am Sunday morning.

I agree with Cricket, it was way too short. But here's how they arrived at 9 missions: there are 3 separate "levels" in each of the 3 missions, so for example, Normandy=
-level 1: airdrop to windmill rendezvous with British 6th Airborne.
-level 2: windmill to the Flak88 compound at river's edge.
-level 3: crossing the river to destruction of bridge.

If you pay close attention, you'll notice the loading screen change pictures; this was the only real indication of level change within a mission.

Anyway, MP is great too, but it lags horribly (and I have DSL). I'll play it more once a patch fixes this problem.
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