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Default Coolbits2/5700lq question & problem..........

This one has me stumped - My Albatron 5700lq has never run good & I was attempting to see what the issues were with the card and my motherboard.While attempting to 'dumb down' my card to see if refresh rates were a problem,I set coolbits2 option at a refresh rate(68 hz Hor) my monitor apparently does not support,because I now have the "black screen of death".No big prob.I'll just put an old PCI card in and keep working-or so I thought.The following tries have done nothing to get the card working in my AGP slot:1.System restore to before I installed coolbits,2.remove battery to try to reset the mobo NVram,3.mobo reset to safe defaults,4.several other small things.Any thoughts on this much appreciated- for instance,where does coolbits write refresh rate override in XP so I can fix this? my system specs below:

Xp home Sp1
Gigabyte 8ik1100 rev.2,512 mb.pc 3200 ddr ram,400 mhz,
800mhz FSB,Dual ch.ram
Intel P4 2.8/Hyperthreading
420 watt P.S.
albatron 5700lq,256 mb ram
120 gig sata WD HD
SB Audigy Gamer
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