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I never had problems too... no performance or stability issues... I would say that I was lucky with my system... but I used many different hw combinations and everything worked great. Even lately that I had a small performance loss it was my fault. I had the agpgart kernel module loaded and I told the driver to use the internal. But even then it worked ok. When I tried that with an ati card the computer freezed... I'm sorry if your system with nvidia doesn't work but really... I couldn't find yet a nvidia graphics card that wouldn't work in linux...
BTW: there will never be a linux distro by nvidia... why should they? they are a hardware manufacture. It is up to a company like HP or Dell or IBM or SUN or whatever to setup a linux distro (like suse/mandrake/redhat/whatever) that would fully work with all hardware...
PS: try upgrading your gfx/mobo bios... I've heard that it helped some plp...
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