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Default Cannot install driver in SuSE 9.1, given kernel interface errors. HELP!

Hey, hopefully you guys can help out. I'm running SuSE 9.1 Professional. I had previously installed the 6111 driver with no problems, and had OpenGL working like a charm, had twinview set up, and everything was just beautiful. However, I decided it was time to update via the YaST Online Update (YOU) tool within SuSE. I did this, and apparently a kernel update was one of the 40 or 50 updates/patches that I downloaded and installed (Iwent with all the recommended updates).

After the update, I had to reinstall the 6111 driver because of the kernel update. Not knowing really about compiling kernels and whatnot, I tried to install the driver. I first got a message saying that no precompiled kernel interface was found to match my kernel. It asked if I would like to attempt to download it from nvidia. If I choose no, obviously the install will not let me go further. If I choose yes, it searches the ftp site, but doesn't find what it's looking for. It then says the installer will need to compile a kernel interface for my kernel. Selecting OK says it cannot find the kernel source tree, and to use the --kernel-source-path= commandline option.

This is all and good, so I checked out the SuSE 6111 install directions, and started to follow the instructions for installing and configuring the kernel for those who did not want to use YOU (I did this previously, and it didn't work, so I installed manually before). The first step is to cd into /use/src/linux, where the kernel source should be. But I do not have this directory! I'm using kernel 2.6.5-7.104 right now, and I have no idea where the source files are to compile or whatever I have to do with them.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction? TIA
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