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glad to know I am of some entertainment value.

On a serious note, I think you guys need to seriously consider what the purpose of a feeback forum is. Do you really think it is appropriate for mods to end an argument by closing a thread in feedback? Are members supposed to just post their opinion, let the mods call them a troll, and then go on with life as usual? Most people have just a bit of pride.

Personally, I think the particular argument had gone on long enough. I saw no reason to post further in that thread. But closing it really disturbs me. And now there's talk of PM's instead of open discussion? What, the staff/mods can't be criticized on public? Oh... perhaps you meant Pelly should have PM's Joe that he is a troll, instead of calling him that in public? Yes... that must have been it.

Look, I'm a mod at a site, and I wouldn't dream of trampling on someone like that. If a thread is being beaten to death in an off (or on) topic forum, well... it would have to degenerate into pure flaming or spamming before I would close it. But a discussion in a feedback forum? As long as members have opinions, they are free to express them, whether I like them or not, or am tired of them or not. It's not my place to just say "this is old, I'm tired of hearing about it, shut up, end of story" and it really shouldn't be yours either.
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