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blah blah blah blah...
I've heard it all before, same story, different person...
I haven't locked or deleted a post in months here, and that one stepped over the line too far, same drivel just repeated over and over, and you want to defend that???

Sad...people need to get their asses off the puter and at least LOOK out the window once every so often...

If you don't like a site, guess what? There's the links bar, delete it...ppl that visit here are not mindless monkies, they can make up their own minds on what to believe, and for someone to DEMAND that nV News put something up on the front page is just LUDICROUS! Like I said, go start your own fanATIc site, and post anything you want, even post lies about nVIDIA, ya know what? I'm not gonna hound you until you change it, ya know why? Cuz I know you are wrong, and I just won't visit anymore...get over it!

I've been super passive lately here, but I can step that up if that's what ppl want, lemme know...
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