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Default /dev/ chmod problems with slackware 10

Hello, I am having problems with OSS emulation, and nvidia drivers, every time I restart, all my sound /dev/'s and /dev/nvidia*'s get reverted back to root only, even after uncommenting them from /etc/security/console.perms, this is really making me wonder.

Also, I'm using dropline gnome 2.6, and the sound constantly gets reverted back to it's old setting upon restart (everything muted and turned down.) ~ Is there any way to remedy this? I've never had this problem as well. Usually it'd be fixed by using alsamixer, but upon restart, once more, the problem reoccurs.

Also, I am using Kernel 2.6.8, and am curious of whether or not the IDE Atapi burning needs to have things chmod'd to work as a normal user.

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