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Default Trouble installing Mandrake 10 on 6800GT

Hi mates!
Well I guess there is no need to tell you but I'm complete noob in Linux so please bear with me =P

Anyway I tried installing Mandrake 10.0 on my rig, everything goes smoothly untill I try to configure my Vid Card...

Installer gives me some "vesa" card option and 1280x1024

I tried changing it to all GeForce cards that you can manually chose but it's no go... When I test this new setting I get artifact on moving mouse and stuff. So I let it have generic vesa stuff and completed installation...
After reboot I get shell... I log in and type "StartX" but get some XF86 something error and can't enter "X".

So what to do ? I checked around for guides, other peeps problems and stuff but no one mentions 6800 cards.

I can reinstall anytime as it takes some 20 min to do so (Great thing) in case I should chose something else.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
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