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Originally Posted by energyman76b

well, if you informed yourself prior buying, you would know that nvidia graphic adapters are the best you can buy for linux. But their boards should not be considered.
After I went from via to sis I lost all problems... but have you ever heard of a nvidia-mobo-owner-and-linux-user without problems? OI have not. And that is not because of the kernel, but even their NIC needs closed source drivers...
I have an nForce 3 mobo (ASUS SK8N, includes onboard ethernet) and a GeForce 6800 and my system runs like a charm. I'm using open source drivers for the motherboard (whatever Fedora Core 3 installs by default) and the closed-source graphics driver 6111. Maybe people with problems are running kernel 2.4? Kernel 2.6 was what finally got me to get rid of my windows partition...
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