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Default FX 5600 XT help

Hello All
I have just picked up a new computer. It was rated as a med range gamer. The computer shops sell this combo all over here in NB, Canada. They sell ether FX5200-5700 or the AtI 9000. I work with a fello that biulds and sells computers. And that is what he sells also. No I bought it from another ( better price).I have owned computers before. But am on a tight budget, for my kids. They pay IL2, Sims and other, I play Il2, C4, and some older ones. But am looking to pickup some new.It's as follows:
AMD 2500 XP
ABIT NF7 ( drivers are 4.24)
350 w PS
512 ram DDR ( more when I can pick it up)
FX 5600 XT 256M (Apollo) Drivers 65.73s
Samsung 80 G HD
LG DVD Combo
GNC 92V modem, no high speed here.
Rest just basic.
What imfo I would like is how good is this system for some of the newer games. And also I haveing trouble with crashing to DT with the Sims ( ever one loaded up), and my stuff if I take it off of med settings. Don't knock it, please just rate it. For a Med range system. And what I could upgrade next yr. And If more ram would help. I am have the shop look at it next week.
Thanks alls.
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