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It is a difficult comparison. The makers of 3DMark had to use some guess work as to what a future game would look like and what technologies would be used. I notice that Doom3 doesn't use self shadowing characters but 3DMark does. Thief and DeusEx use self shadowing, but no obvious specular lighting. From my and other peoples experience, the CPU plays a significant role in real games but very little in 3DMark. I didn't show a Duron 1.3 with the FX5800 vs a Athlon64 with the FX5800, but I am sure the results would be dramaticaly different.

The only way a better comparison could be made is with a whole bunch of modern games compared relative to 3DMark. My thought was that two years ago, people might have used the 3DMark Battle of Proxycon test to see how their computer might run Doom3 which had been previewed at that time and was much anticipated.
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