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Default Re: Modding a XpertVision 5900XT

Originally Posted by Gator
That's fine! 900 marks in 3dmark2k1 isn't that big of a deal. That difference could be related to the memory, CPU, or some other factors. I wouldn't stress over it, your 3dmark2k1 is excellent and I think you should leave well enough alone. The only way you'll get more overclock on that FX5900XT is by volt-modding and some serious after market cooling, neither of which is worth it in my opinion.

If you really wanna see the 3dmark2k1 score fly, increase your FSB, even if it's just a little bit, because 3dmark2k1 is VERY sensitive to the FSB setting. That's something they "corrected" in 3dmark2k3

Enjoy your FX5900XT, I know I love mine

thanks man for the info, i managed to overclock it to 460/780 perfect no problems, looks like i wont mod it unless i do my homework, and to be honest, would moding it into a 5900 ultra be worth the fps ?
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