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Default Need help, Bios settings.

Can anyone suggest the BIOs settings for the following. To get the most out of my system.
AMD 2500 XP~1.8g
512 ram DDR
Apollo FX5600 XT 256 MB
Samsung 80 g HD
GNC V92 modem
NV 2 onboard song for now.
LG DVD Combo drive.
My kids were able to play most of their games on excellent settings. On our old AMD 700 Athlon, 512 SDram, and TNT2 M64 VC. Now we cannot get passed the med or default settings, without them crashing to DT or a blue sceen error. I'm running XP with SP1 and updates. NO SP2, read too many bad things about installing it.
Canadian Soldier, 26 yrs in. Some computer knowledge, not a Guru. Enjoy all games.
Wnd XP Home
AMD 2500XP+~1.8G
512 DDR 3200
Apollo 5600XT 256m
LG DVD combo
80G Samsung HD 7200
350 W PSU
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