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Default Re: Problem installing NVIDIA driver on Debian

I'm trying this on a slackware 9.1 distro, without as much luck. First, I have isntalled the kernel source, and as far as I can tell, the source is for kernel 2.4.26 and I'm running 2.4.26. Do I really need to build the kernel anyway?

I tried delaun01's trick, but it seems that the lines in the file he mentioned have changed.
I have:
if [ "$VERBOSE" = "full_output" ]; then
echo "*** Unable to determine the target kernel version. ***";
echo "";
exit 1
Should I comment out the whole thing?

has anyone even tried these tricks for isntaller 6111 on any system other than deb?

When I run the installer (v6111), It always dies at the point where it's supposed to load nvidia.o
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