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Originally posted by pelly
When you continue to post the same information...time and time again...regardless of the fact that you've made your point known...that constitutes action of some sort by the mods...


...This is the last time I am going to post about this...I suggest we all do the same...
Here's the problem - the NvNews staff has out and out refused to answer several important questions I posed, one related to fairness in giving equal time to correct an erroneous news post of yours, and the other related to flaming.

Out and out refused.

My continuing to probe in order to get an answer to reasonable questions is not "beating a dead horse" - just because you don't *like* the questions and avoid them doesn't make it so.

Furthermore, it's obvious that some others here are also still interested in this matter, so it should be left open. After all, you can't accuse me of being in the wrong forum anymore!

So locking/closing a thread that is on-topic and has no other problems, just because you don't *like* the thread and don't want to deal with anymore is just wrong.

That's just plain censorship. Period.
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