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Originally posted by volt
No really, I think that kind of behaviour comes from ATI fan sites. I don't see our guys go out and do that, nor do I hear people complaining.
Really? Yeah... I've never seen this kind of discussion elsewhere.

Newsflash volt: some people don't treat some sites as "enemy" sites. Some people are just interested in 3D hardware, and like to learn as much as they can and keep up with recent developments. Some people call a spade a spade when they see it.

I've made my point, and I think those who need to have seen it have done so. Back to the informative forums I go...
IMO, Mr. Derek Smart is a hypocrite: Only someone who is either (a) lying (b) ashamed of their products (c) just plain ashamed, would hestitate to give out some simple and straight forward information. - Derek Smart, Ph.D.
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