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Default Re: X-Box Doom3 Thread

Originally Posted by oldsk00l
I really enjoy talking about the Doom3 release date for xbox...erm...not that it really anyone here....
I donno, I think some people might be interesting in playing Doom 3 coop, not to mention some of us have friends that don't have computers that can run Doom 3 and are waiting for the Xbox version (stupid Compaq and their AGP port-less PCs...). Come to think of it voice chat might be kinda cool, although with only 1 other teammate in multiplayer I don't think strategy would be all that important . Wish it had split-screen multiplayer though, that would be cool.

Anyway, I too would like to see some comparision shots between the Xbox version and a GF3. Although they've actually reduced model detail in the Xbox version to increase framerates (an option I WISH they had in the PC version), so it will invariably look much worse on the Xbox but *should* run at a fairly steady framerate. But still, for a $150 piece of hardware it doesn't look bad at all...though most people who have an Xbox are more interested in Halo 2 anyway.
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