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Default nvidia.ko invalid module format (version magic problem)

Alright, so at this point i'm stumped.
I compiled kernel last night and installed it under /lib/modules/
All went as planned
But, when it comes to installing the NVIDIA module I receive the "Invalid module format" error upon running modprobe nvidia.
In my log output it shows:
Aug 30 14:22:34 Isostatic-rebound kernel: nvidia: version magic ' 686 gcc-3.4' should be ' 686 gcc-3.4'

showing that its saying my kernel is instead of mdkcustom..
I've tried "sh NVIDIA-blahlblah --kernel-name=" and tried including the EXTRAVERSION before hand. Neither works.
I can "modprobe -f nvidia" and then "init 5" from console, but thats a bit more work than I had hoped to do simply to drop to a X session..
I know there must be some way to get it to change that output, some nvidia file I can change and hardcode the version in or something, but I can't figure it out..

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it..
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