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Smile 3dmark03 crashing/rate my system

Hello all
I need some info. I have just download 3dmark03. And cannot run it. It will start with the first game demo, then crash. To 256 colour DT. The error will read" Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device fault". I ran this on the following system ( 3 weeks old). Rate it, this system is a standard setup at most computer shops here.
MS Windows XP
ABIT NF7 MB/w sound
Apollo FX 5600XT 256m
512 DDR 3200, 400 ram
Samsung 80G HD 7200
LG DVD Combo
350w PS
Does anyone have an idea? Why?
Thanks Dave
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Wnd XP Home
AMD 2500XP+~1.8G
512 DDR 3200
Apollo 5600XT 256m
LG DVD combo
80G Samsung HD 7200
350 W PSU
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