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Smile Re: FX5200 in linux low performance

Originally Posted by Benit
I've looked in nvsettings and I don't have Sync to Vblank checked, and glxgears runs "normal"

4176 frames in 5.0 seconds = 835.200 FPS
I think that there is still something wrong somewhere. I know that glxgears is not intended for benchmarking, but, I would say your card should read alot higher than that. As you have seen, my GF4 MX440 runs around the same level. Your card being a FX5200, it should be alot higher (I'd say around the 1500fps mark at least). Sounds like a library problem somewhere.

I run a GF FX5950 Ultra at home, and the glxgears' output is around 8700fps+.

Also make sure that you run the nvsettings utility to activate those settings. As when you shutdown the system and/or reboot. These settings will not take effect until you re-run nvsettings again.

And in some cases I found the agpgart driver to run a little faster then using Nvidia's, so that maybe worth looking into.

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