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Default Re: 3dmark03 crashing/rate my system

maybe your power supply isnt adequate, is it a generic PSU brand? IS the Nforce chipset drivers from installed? Are you running 3dmark at the standard 1024x768 @ 32bit colors? Are the latest official 61.77 Nvidia video drivers installed?

As far as rating your system, I gave you a low rating but I should explain why... you picked an FX5600XT 256 which is possibly one of the most under powered cards you can buy. Not only is the memory and clock speeds slower than other 5600 cards, some 5600XT models have 64bit memory bus which is really bad. And I suspect you pick the card because it was a cheap 256mb card, but the problem there is the 256mb is just a gimick since the card is not powerful enough to really handle textures that need 256mb to begin with.

I recommend returning the FX5600XT for no less than an FX5900XT (preferably a 6800NU) and try overclocking that Barton2500 after you get the 3dmark issue resolved.
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