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Default is nVidia sending us subliminal messages?

Since nVidia themselves wont bother replying to my emails I thought I'd throw this problem open to all of you. Its not an isolated problem but all those who have it haven't been able to suggest a fix.

I have a Dell Latitude D800 WSXGA screen, 1.7G Pentium M CPU with an nVidia FX Go5650 card (running slackware 10 with the latest nVidia display driver). Occasionally the screen will flash which at the very least ts annoying, but I'm concerned about the effects if any on the hardware.

There doesnt seem to be any particular application, keyboard/mouse movement that causes it... it just happens occasionally and at random.

I've tried various suggested changes to the xorg.conf file without success. One concern I have is, the upgrade to 2.6.7 (using the upgradepkg tool) had the cpu type as 486. Ive tried recompiling the kernel with cpu type as Pentium M but the kernel wont load.

Any suggestions????
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