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Default Re: Problems enableing OpenGL

That won't solve the problem!!

There are links to /usr/lib/opengl/nvidia/ in /usr/lib/
And I'm sure that are the once from nvidia.
I'm also tried to compile the driver myself (and don't use the gentoo installer) but the result is the same.

Note: FAKK2 first try's to load the opengl-lib form nvidia and if that fails it trys to load the mesa-lib

2. Note: If I tried to compile the game frozen-bubbles with nvidia-opengl turned on, he always says he couldn't use the file libnvidia-tls!!
But if I turn Xorg-opengl (mesa) on, he can compile it.

Hmm, all files are in the right place, all links and permissions are correct.
Nevertheless the files won't load or could be used - It looks like are not compiled correct.

Can this be true?
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