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Default Re: ti4200 Reloaded...

Originally Posted by ragejg
In straight no AA/AF situations it SLIGHTLY edges 5600U, but toss mild amounts of AA/AF (like 2x/4x) and the 5600U edges the ti4200... @ 4x/8x no contest, 5600U wins... but that would only be used on things like UT, Q3, Oni, SS:SE and other "kinda older" games...

The 400/800 (usually capable of 450/850 or higher) 5600U's IMO didn't get enough credit... shader strength was a very weak point, but they were still powerful in OGL ...
either way, the ti4200 is now a low midrange card, it's not suppose to perform miracles... but play games decently, and nowadays, you have to turn off aa and af to get decent framerates for games like doom 3 and far cry. so i don't see the ti4200 loosing horribly on games like those.
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