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Default Re: My own Benchmark

Originally Posted by shabby
Gf4 4600, looks like crap though

Benchmark duration: 22.011(s).
Total number of frames: 646.
Minimum number of frames: 15.9206.
Maximum number of frames: 30.0779.
Average number of frames: 29.3489.
If you look into your log.txt file, you'll see that it complains about fragment and vertex shaders not supported by your video card :P.
I guess I could try and implement some other lighting algorithms for the GF 4X00 and Radeon 8500-9200 range of cards, but this demo mainly focuses on shadows generation.

My next demo should use nv_fragemnt_program2 (PS 3.0) to generate soft omnidirectional shadows, but like most texture based algorithms, self-shadowing is a huge PITA to get right...
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